Closing Services

AYG Title & Registration services

After several years of being asked, American Yacht Group is now pleased to offer our clients Coast Guard Documentation and Florida Title and Registration services, with more states to be added in the future. Of course, our clients are welcome to use any service they would like; this is just one more added convenience for our clients, a one-stop shop if you will.

Our Closing department will:

  • Perform Lien Searches – Abstract, State title searches, UCC Searches
  • Prepare Buyers & Sellers Closing Statement
  • Prepare Bills of Sale
  • Work directly with your Marine Lender

Closing Fee Schedule: *

Administrative Fee: $300

Coast Guard Documentation Services
Recreational Transfer of Documentation (No Lien Recording) – $350
New Application for Documentation (No Lien Recording) $450
Deletion from U.S. Coast Guard – $150

Florida Title & Registration
Transfer of Title: $125 plus State Fees
Duplicate Title: $40

* Prices subject to change without notice